Heart of America Humane Society started with a single individual pulling a couple of dogs each week from the Kansas City Animal Shelter and taking them to the Ward Parkway Shopping Center where they could be seen outside the shelter atmosphere and adopted.

A small group of volunteers from another organization met with this individual and decided they wanted to help with his efforts to get dogs adopted outside the shelter setting. Together they were able to take many more dogs to adoptions on a monthly basis. In September 1992, the group was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Kansas.

As the group grew they took more and more animals, including cats, to satellite locations in an attempt to find good homes for more animals. The frequency of adoption events also grew to several times a month. Where the adoption event was held depended on where we could find space; empty storefronts in shopping centers, space allotted to us in existing stores and space under the clock at the Prairie Village Shopping Center.

The Kansas City Animal Shelter decided they did not need an outside group to assist with adoptions and Heart of America Humane Society began looking for another source for animals. The Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter was pleased to have our assistance and we started working with that shelter to obtain more adoptions for them.

As our group of volunteers grew, we decided we needed more animals than the one shelter was able to provide and we added the Bea Martin Peck Animal Shelter in Ottawa, Kansas to our source. In 2010, Bea Martin Peck Animal Shelter changed its name to Prairie Paws Animal Shelter. To this day, we continue to be dedicated to help find good, forever homes for animals.

When PetSmart came to the Kansas City Metro area, we were one of the first organizations to partner with them to have pet adoption events each week at the 115th and Metcalf in Overland Park KS. Our volunteer base has grown and we are now able to staff adoptions at three locations in the metropolitan area (two PetSmart Stores and one Petco Store).

As a 100% volunteer organization, our overhead costs are very low and we have been able to keep our adoption fees at a minimum and depend on donations and fund raising events to raise the money necessary to provide the necessary vaccinations and spay/neuter all of our animals.

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