Volunteer Opportunity – Van Drivers Needed

Heart of America Humane Society has a volunteer opportunity for individuals wanting to volunteer and transport for us on Saturdays. We have a team of people that drive the van from the Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter to Petco in Olathe KS each Saturday. Starting in HAHS Van2015, some of the current team members have retired and we are looking for some new blood on this team. The larger the team, the less often you have to drive. This is a flexible team that works with each other when someone needs a specific Saturday off because of other commitments you may have.

The following gives you some idea as to what is involved in this volunteer opportunity:

The van is stored at the Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter. You drive to the shelter on Saturday morning arriving at 10:15 am. A seasoned volunteer will be at the shelter to assist you in loading the dogs & cats that will be coming to Petco Olathe’s adoption event that day.

After loading, you will drive from Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter to Petco Olathe (135th & Black Bob) arriving between 11:30 am and Noon. All volunteers at Petco will assist in unloading the dogs, cats, and supplies.

At the end of the adoption event, the van is reloaded for the return trip to Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter. All volunteers at the adoption event assist with reloading the van and you will leave Petco shortly after 3:00 pm. You will call the seasoned volunteer  (Mark Bopp) and let him know that you are leaving Petco and heading to Lee’s Summit . You will arrive back at Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter at 4:15 pm and will be greeted by Lee’s Summit Animal Control Officers and our Mark Bopp, who will unload the animals.

The round trip between Petco Olathe and Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter is 60 miles.

In order to be covered under our auto insurance policy, it is required that you have a good driving record.

Mileage you put on your personal car driving to and from Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter could be recorded and submitted on your tax return. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Jacque David at jacquedavid@earthlink.net.

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