Enjoy this happy story from our TNR expert, Sheryl: “Not a very talkative crowd today going to Sedalia … seems they were busy plotting their escape. 😂 As I was driving, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye … when I looked around, Casper, the adorable long haired orange tabby tux teenager was strolling around in the seat behind us. I said “Hey there handsome boy, where are you goin’?? Little 💩” I quickly pulled off at the next exit and found the kennel he was in pulled apart! The door was laying on the floor; the clip that held the front side was popped off and the plastic pin in that corner was gone. Quinn (another kitty) had pulled his cover and the cover of his brother in the next kennel completely into his kennel and the potty pad and newspaper in another kennel was torn up and pushed out on the floor. I guess we better keep a closer eye when they’re quiet! 😂 Who knew Sedalia trips would. also include kennel repairs!?!? No more escapes Mr. Casper! In the end we got 27 kitties fixed and vaxed today!”

Sheryl and Casper.