Hi Julia,
Abner3_200x150Just wanted to give you an update on Abner. He is doing really well, and is fitting in quite nicely. He now weighs 53 lbs, which the vet said is is ideal weight. When he’s not able to go for a walk, his favorite activity is sleeping. His “grandpa” built him a stand for his bed, which is the same height as the window, so he can sleep and look out the window. He loves his pink blanket (we think it’s a good thing he’s color blind), though it’s barely a blanket with all the holes in it. At first he didn’t know how to play with toys much, but he seems to be getting the hang of it. He also is starting to “cuddle” more with us.

Abner_200x150We are also finding that he has a fascination with all things cardboard – we’ve come home to find wax paper boxes, cards, cereal boxes, and other items torn to shreds from our recycle box, or from places we thought he couldn’t reach.

A while back he got to meet his “aunt” Libby, an 11 year old beagle. You’ll see her in some of the pics. I think he wanted to play with her a lot more than she wanted to play with him, but she tolerated him nicely, even if he did take over her bed.

Anyway, hope all is going well with you and your family. Have you fostered anymore dogs since Abner?

Take care,
— Jeni