Willoughby and eight of her housemates were rescued from a hoarding situation when she was about one year old. Willoughby was very scared of other people and animals, and it took her a couple of months to come out of her shell when she was in her foster home. She was even afraid of toys! Now, Willoughby found the perfect forever home with bobbie:

“I have lots of fun things to report about Willoughby! She is such a character. I call her my 14-pound kitten because she has so much energy! We’ve had so much fun with the mouse toys, and she is especially fond of them and usually carries one around in her mouth wherever she goes in the house. She now plays fetch, and her favorite thing is to bring a mouse and drop it in my water glass next to the couch when I am sitting there watching TV. I usually try to put my hand out and catch it, but she has gotten it into the water several times.”