My name is Boomer but sometimes my family call me Booms. I’ve been in my safe home with my family for exactly one year today 12/19/10. We are all getting ready for Chistmas and I think I must have been too nervous last year to have any fun. Now I am ready for Santa and I check every plastic bag that comes into our house to see what is inside.
You would not believe how many toys I have. Grandpa (he’s really my dad, but since I have an older person brother, Chris, who lives here, and it is his grandparents, I call them Grandpa and Grandma) brings home toys everytime he shops and he always brings two of them even though my brother Mike is very old so will sniff the toys but then ignores them. (I try to look out for Mike when he is outside and if he stays out by himself too long, I want to go see if he is okay).
Back to the toys, the ones I like the best are the soft rubber squeaky ones shaped like barbells or microphones. I love to sing when I squeak them and I can tell family really enjoys my talented singing voice because they smile a lot when I sing. I now have my own blankets to cover up with at night. Of course, I still sleep in the big bed with Grandpa and Grandma but they check to see if I am cold at night and cover me up if they think I am. I now get to go walking with Grandpa on my leash and have learned to watch for cars and stop so that Grandpa and I are safe.
I have other friends in our neighborhood. The boys (I think they are twin poodle mix) at the back fence are always wanting to visit with me and if they see anyone at our kitchen window will bark for us to come out. I wanted to let everyone at Heart of America and especially Mark and Candy (my foster parents) know how very happy I am. Thank you all for the wonderful job you are doing and for finding my safe forever home.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!