Mamas is a loving and sweet Sharpei/Hound mix, approximately 5 years of age. Her life so far has been challenging and heartbreaking. She grew up in a house with owners who were not able to care for her, and after her first litter one of her puppies was supposedly shot. Her second litter was lost to a fire that burned down her house, and she was left behind. For almost two years, she lived on the streets and survived on handouts from the neighbors. She was finally taken in by a good Samaritan who moved into the neighborhood recently, but apartment life is not for Mamas. She loves being outside and needs a fenced-in yard that she can play in.

Despite her history, she walks on the leash like an absolute angel, and she gets along with other dogs, large and small. All Mamas wants is a couch to call her own, and a forever home with a loving family.

Please contact her foster mom Alyssa Marcy at 585-746-9392 or [email protected] for more info.

*Story adapted from Alyssa’s Facebook post.

If you would like to become a foster, send us an email at [email protected] or fill out the volunteer form.