Hi Andrea!

hogan12_200x267Hope you are managing to stay cool among all this terrible heat! We finally got Hogan used to a leash after a couple of weeks and now, and even he can’t stand to be outside for very long! When he comes in he goes straight to the kitchen and plops down on the floor and lifts his head just high enough to suck down some water from his bowl!

Here are some pictures of our little, growing guy! I can’t believe how fast he is growing! He just mastered jumping up on the couch, so we’re in trouble now! hahah! We just took him to the vet last week for his 2nd round of shots and he is up to 12 lbs and doing great!

hogan200x269He has been such a wonderful addition! I’m sure everyone thinks their dog is the best, but he has really been terrific! Easy to potty train–thank you for teaching him to go to the door! He goes all the time and just sits by our back door and waits for us to let him out. We’ve taken him to Wichita a couple of times to see friends and family and he seems to find the door at their houses and does the same thing there, so no accidents! He doesn’t whine in the car–thank goodness! I took him to PetSmart with me to get food one day and he was scared when the automatic door opened up, so I put him in the cart for a little bit, and then when I put him down, so many people complimented him for not barking and staying with me through the aisles. (And ofcourse, many compliments on how cute he is!) Brian has a 5 yr old niece and a 2 yr old nephew and we were proud parents when we introduced Hogan to them. He ran around outside with them, but kept a distance from them to not scare them as they ran around, and never nipped at them or anything! We were worried at first because when we play with him in the backyard, he runs in our path and trips us up or at times bites at our hands during play, and jumps up on us, but he was terrific with the kids! What a relief!

It will be hard to leave him here in the next week as I prepare to go back to school, but Brian will be coming home throuhout the day to check on him, so he will ease into being left alone for longer than he has been.

Anyhow, just wanted to drop in and send some updated pictures!
— Amanda and Brian