Dear HAHS,
JakeElwood200x150Thank you so much for finding us such a fun home! Our new names are Jake & Elwood and we just love living with the Lyons family. There’s a 5 1/2 year old girl who is just so nice to us. She feeds us every day when she gets home from school and is so great with the cuddles. AND they have a Jack Russell Terrier and a big black cat for us to play with. Dottie, the dog, thinks she’s a cat and helps us run up and down the stairs and then gives us baths. Shady, the cat, didn’t really like us at first and he used to hide anytime we came near him. But now that we’ve been here for awhile, he at least tolerates us. He won’t like that I tell you this, but he lets us curl up next to him when he’s sleeping!
The house that we’re living in is awesome! There are two sets of stairs and we’ve definitely been getting a work out running up and down them … especially really early in the morning. There’s also a three story cat condo in the living room. Sometimes we both sleep up there, but soon I bet we’ll be too big to both fit. We also got a ton of new cat toys, though sometimes we play with the dog’s toys just for fun.
We are so spoiled by these people, it’s just great. They let us sleep on their bed even though the pets now out-number the people two to one! We try to behave, but we’re kittens and have found just about every place to get into. Jake’s favorite was trying to get into the pantry and Elwood likes to get into the dollhouse.
So, thank you to everyone at HAHS. We had a great foster mom who found us the best forever family we could have hoped for.
Happy & Healthy,
–Jake & Elwood Lyons