Dear Billie:
Lucya200x151Well, Lucy and I have been together for a month now and I must tell you what a sweet companion she is. I have been feeling so much happiness and contentment and thanks to you. She has brought so much joy back into my life.

I got her one of the passenger seats so she can ride along and look out the window and tell me where to turn or slow down. I am less of the couch potato and we walk a lot during the day. She is becoming quiet at home and even barks less at the golfers as they go by.

Lucyb200x152She is so smart and sits when I ask her and is now learning to give me her paw. Of course she sleeps with me and has her side of the bed, but most mornings I awake to a sleeping poodle under the covers on her back. What a sight; so completely relaxed. She patiently waits til I dress and out we go. She takes care of business quickly and back home we go for our breakfast and the morning news.

Thank you again and give my thanks to Bobbi at the Overland Park location. You have brought two lonely ladies together (I hope for a long time) Hope to see you and Tim when you make your visit to Branson.

— Gloria