Enjoy these beautiful stories about her first foster kittens by our amazing volunteer, Erin.

Charlie was a tiny, wild man so I called him Crazy Boy or CB for short. He was so fun and super cute so the first time I posted his picture a friend said they wanted to adopt him, even though they hadn’t seen him in person. As soon as he was neutered he went to his new family. They loved him right away and realized that he was a crazy boy so his name became Nut! Here is what they have to say about him today. “Nut is living his best tiger life telling us and our dog what to do daily. He is one of the funniest cats I’ve ever known and definitely has his own personality. My husband tells him all the time he is a tiger and that is why he is special. He has very much taken it to heart. He is a very big boy now and the bottom line is we love him and his crazy tiger self VERY much!”

Bobby became very special to me because it took longer to find his home and I especially love black cats. Honestly, I would cry every Saturday as I loaded him up to take to adoptions and it got harder each week to do it. He fit in so well with our cat and dogs and one Saturday my husband hugged me and said if he doesn’t find his home today then we’ll adopt him. Fortunately, the perfect adopter came to see him that day. His mom is a former HAHS volunteer and as I handed Bobby to her he simply melted into her hug. I cried like crazy, but I knew he’d found his home! This is what she has to say about him now. “Bobby is such a great cat! We spoil him and love him! He is my lap warmer, my sleeping buddy, and my quirky friend. He loves everybody. He will jump onto stranger’s shoulders, which is one of his favorite places to be. He is always in the same room as one of us. He will not let me go into the bathroom without him! He gives me little kisses, plays fetch with toy mice, and puts his paw on my leg to be picked up. Mostly I just love that he is always there. Rarely do I sit down without him there. He is in my chair as I type this note. I am thankful you were able to let go so I could adopt Bobby.”

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