LizAndOreo200x217Being a foster parent to shelter dogs is one of the most incredible roles I have the privilege to hold. Every one of our fosters holds a special place in our hearts, but somehow a pregnant foster finds a way to capture your heart even more. We decided to foster Oreo the same day our previous foster found his forever home. Oreo has those eyes that look so deep inside yours that you can’t help but fall in love and she stole our hearts from the minute we met her. Oreo’s previous home was not a happy one. Her owners turned her in without letting anyone know she was pregnant and after having kept her outside for two years. Despite this rough start, Oreo must have been born with her positive demeanor and a deep love for people. We fostered her for two weeks before someone took her to the vet during adoptions one Saturday and found out she was pregnant. Then, just one week later, Oreo gave birth to seven beautiful puppies, five boys and two girls. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences I have had and it felt like I had never loved something so much, let alone seven little somethings! My family doted on all eight of them for six very hard, busy and wonderful weeks and Oreo was a better mom that we could have asked for.

OreoChubs200x134When it came time to separate Oreo and her babies, we decided it would be best if we kept the puppies for a few more weeks as it would be easier to place Oreo in a different foster home. We certainly missed her wonderful smile, wagging body, and soulful eyes, but we knew she would do well at Mark’s house. The puppies kept getting bigger and funnier and all seven of them quickly found perfect families.

Oreo took a little longer to find her home and switched from Mark’s to Julie’s house before she found her forever home with Tim. She and Julie’s dog chased each other around in the yard and she seemed so very happy. As Oreo has a way of stealing people’s hearts, it wasn’t long before she had Tim’s too. Tim works as a pet trainer and both Oreo and Tim
became quite smitten with each other. As Oreo is one quarter Pitt Bull Terrier, she was not allowed to live in Overland Park or Leawood. Tim started the process to get Oreo approved to live in both cities and she passed with flying colors! With this approval, Oreo found her perfect family with Tim. Oreo now has a lab sister, Dixie, a loving dad, and a new start to life that she so deserved.

–Liz Musil