Paxtyn_Paisley200x150Paxtyn and Paisley are sisters from a litter of six kittens from the Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter. They were separated from their mom when they were only four weeks old and were bottle-fed by their foster mom. Paisley stopped eating and had to be force-fed. It was scary, but she pulled through like a champ. To see her pictures now, you’d never guess there was a time she was so weak she barely had the strength to move. Here’s an update from the kittens’ furever mom:
I just thought I would say “Hi” and let you know that the girls are doing fantastic. They are having a blast with their BIG sister (a dog). It is totally amazing how they all get along. Now granted there are times when they all nip at each other, but they are just playing around. I am loving every minute with them and they are growing like weeds. We are all having such a great time! They are getting their shots today so I’ll be anxious to see how much they weigh right now. They eat like little pigs! They love their home and their mommy. Paisley has the most adorable tiny little meow you have ever heard, and Paxtyn is such a sweetheart, too! All three of my girls sleep with me and I have tons of comfy warm blankets on my bed. Paxtyn sleeps down close to my feet or by my side and Paisley crawls right up and snuggles under my neck … sometimes she crawls right up on my pillow where my head is and sleeps there!