peanut and nacho dec 2014 pm

Foster mom, Janice, writes:

Well the “girls” both found their forever homes this last week. Nacho, on the left went home with a darling young lady who has a 7 year old chi. She called me yesterday to tell me that all was going great and even her chi was accepting Nacho.
Peanut went home yesterday with a sweet couple. Both are grade school teachers. Peanut stopped shaking once they picked her up and I figured if they could handle first and third graders then Peanut would be in good hands, lol
Thanks to all who helped me with the “girls.” I really was in doubt when I first started fostering if I was going to find them a great forever home much less each going to their own wonderful forever home.

Lots of tears since yesterday, but they are happy tears. We all miss them so much but are so very happy that they are going to have a wonderful life.