Hi Raschelle,
tillie200x189I just ran across this picture the other day and thought I would send it to you and give you a little update on how she is doing. I think this was taken in July or August, the pink harness doesn’t fit her very well anymore since we found out last month that she is now up to 83 pounds. (she is a tad bit chubby, but the weather has gotten much more bearable around here so we are walking her more, it was either sweltering hot or pouring down rain most of August so we didn’t get many walks in and she packed on the pounds).
She is fitting in well and was the talk of the campground all summer where she made lots of new friends and we have found that she likes to make her rounds socializing with the neighbors. I think it is her ears, that is what sold me on her, I just love her ears! We have gotten her used to the ‘neighborhood’ at the campground and she doesn’t need to be on a lead strap or cable anymore as long as we are outside with her. She sticks pretty close to where the kids are. She also likes to go outside to tell the kids goodbye in the mornings before I take them to the sitter. We decided a few weeks ago that she is my son AJ’s dog. She really keeps an eye on him and if he disappears from her sight she gets a little frantic looking for him. It was actually kind of funny the first time we noticed, she didn’t see him go inside the camper and when she noticed he was gone she ran around barking until she found him. I finally gave a few months ago and let her sleep at the end of his bed and just last week had to buy him a new pillow so she could have his old one. Such a spoiled rotten hound!
Thank you so much for taking such good care of her until we could find her!