Hi Judy 🙂
twiglet200x150We’ve called her Twiglet, and she’s doing just fine! She’s a total snuggle-bug and, after a few days, she and our existing cat, Rolo, seem to have taken to each other really well.
She’s been to our vet. for a health check, and is due to go back in February for her next set of injections.
She particularly loves those crunchy mylar balls and scolds them as she plays with them. Some days she is very clingy and follows me around meowing to be picked up, and cries so pathetically that Rolo comes to find us and gives me an accusing glare for upsetting his little sister.
They are both in a pattern of sleeping in the afternoon and Rolo will often tolerate Twiglet snuggling up to him, mostly because she licks his ears. There has been a little bit of jealousy and some fighting, but nothing to worry us, and mostly they get on really well and play together.
I have attached a couple of photos so you can see for yourself.