Hello Foster mom Jenna.
vega3_200x157I just wanted to send a message to tell you about my new home; Courtney said it was OK to use her computer as long as I stop walking on the keys. It is really NEAT here! I have a whole room all to myself with all kinds of neat things, and places to hide and explore! Courtney took lots! of pictures, and I’m sure she will share them with you. I was even being such a good kitty, that they blocked off the whole upstairs, and let me sleep with them! They said you did a good job litter box training me, because I went and used it right away. And I am proud to say, I have not had any misses or made too much of a mess with my litter…. yet.
The Bryan guy is pretty cool too. He stayed up all night playing computer games. He said it was his day off, I don’t know what that means, but I like it. I got to sit in his lap while he played, and then he let me sit on his shoulder. I purred and purred and purred. He even threw a ball of paper for me, and I ran after it. It was a really fun game!
Well, Courtney wants to use her computer now, so I should wrap this up. Thanks for giving me a home when I needed one. My new people say that it must have been a great home to make me such a great kitty. Give Courtney a call if you want to come visit me and my new home. Thanks again for taking such good care of me!