Neeco200x150Wally, now Neeco, is a 3 yr old Pekinese that was rescued from a MO puppy mill. He spent his whole life in a chicken wire cage that was not big enough for him to stand up in. It seems the only time he was out of the cage was for breeding purposes. Due to his horrific living conditions his legs are deformed causing him to not be able to walk correctly or use steps. In addition it seems he was probably debarked. Given all of those obstacles he is just the happiest little dog I have ever had the pleasure to foster. Here is a note from his adopter.

— Jacque

Neeco3_200x150I adopted a wonderful Pekinese we named Neeco. He was a special needs adoptee. He has been an absolute joy!!!! He is a happy and playful guy. He has amazed me and my daughter in so many ways. He loves all animals and wants to play with everyone. He brings us so many smiles every day!!! He is overcoming his physical problems .He has given us so much joy and love!! He is absolutely AWESOME!! My Daughter who is 17 yrs old now has a roommate and new BFF. She and Neeco go to visit her other friends and everyone falls in Love with Neeco. Adopting a pet was one of the best things we have ever done!

— Joyce S