We are excited to welcome Zorro and his foster mom, Donna to HAHS family!

Donna is a dog trainer, who some of you might know from the Overland Park PetSmart. Zorro was one of her “students” 8 years ago, and just recently she learned that Zorro had an appointment to be euthanized because of his “nervous activity” and anxiety.

After investigating his current living situation, she learned that the family now has 3 small children under the age of 5, which added a lot of activity and energy into the household. The new situation made Zorro a bit anxious and nervous, and the family decided that rehoming was the best option.

Zorro and Donna are now part of HAHS team and will be working together to prepare Zorro for a next chapter in life.

Thank you Donna for stepping in to save a life!