Widget – Adopted

Widget is an friendly little Wirehair Terrier mix. He joined his new family at the PetSmart Adoption event in Olathe last Saturday.

Estrella – Adopted

Estrella is a big sweet, fluffy, shepherd mix who found her new home at the PetSmart Adoption event last Saturday. 

Reginald – Adopted

Reginald is a handsome 4 year old Black Lab. He’s a big guy with a big heart, and he found his new family at the Olathe Adoption event at PetSmart. 

Stormy Adopted

Stormy hit the adoption jackpot. On September 29th, she found her forever family and home at our PetSmart Olathe Adoption Event.  Stormy is quite the charmer! She managed to warm their hearts and they couldn’t say no to her!

Chuffy Adopted

Chuffy is a 2 year old Pit Mix. He is full of life! He found his forever home & family today at PetSmart Olathe. Congrats to Chuffy and his new family!

Walter Adopted

Walter is a darling little Terrier/Lab mix. He is 3 months and very timid. He is such a sweetie and luckily has found a loving home. He was adopted at our PetSmart Olathe adoption event on September 15th.