Gus200x119Gus is one of a litter of four kittens being fostered by cat volunteer Carolyn. He was the first of the litter to be adopted, and here’s what his new family has to say about him.

“I was thinking you might like to know that Gus has been amazing since we picked him up yesterday. He is so sweet and so much fun. He meowed a couple of times in the car but otherwise he’s been “all purrs.” He snuggled with me all night and is happily going through our toys. The other cats are watching him and tolerating him, and he is interested but doesn’t push any boundaries. He’s a great fit!”
— Sherrilyn

In a later update, Sherrilyn report, “Gus has adjusted so well. I am very impressed. I am sure we will have some kitty adventures, but hopefully not too big or destructive. Merlin is spending a lot of time sulking, but he is being surprisingly good to Gus after only a couple of days, so it will all work out. Oreo keeps her distance but also watches him with a protective air. There have been moments where Oreo and Merlin have sat together and just watched Gus. Wish I’d had a camera to see those to sitting in agreement … it will likely never happen again!”

Gus’s foster mom, Carolyn, says, “It doesn’t surprise me in the least that they love him. He was the favorite kitten around here. He was the most affectionate by far and was always in my lap the second I sat down. It was hard to let him go, but he clearly chose Sherrilyn and Dan. I had a lot of people look at him and he would have nothing to do with them. He snuggled right up to these two and began purring immediately, which made it easier to let him go.”