As any one of our Outreach Team members would tell you, it is an emotional endeavor. There are days that feel like anything is possible, and days that will crush your hope in humanity, and all you want to do is scream. One of the beautiful aspects of being a member of HAHS Outreach Team, is that you always are among kind and empathetic individuals that understand all that you are going through and will be there for you no matter what transpires. Through the joys and the pains, they will show up to your TNR or community outreach missions and will hug you whether you laugh or cry.

If you are looking for a community who shares your passion for helping cats and dogs email: [email protected].

If you do not have enough time to join their efforts in the field, consider donating to support their cause. Donations can be made by visiting Venmo @HAHS-OPKS and PayPal @HAHSOPKS also accepted. Mail checks to: Heart of America Humane Society P.O. Box 12703, Overland Park, KS 66282-2703.